Basic Knowledge of Glasses

We tell you name of each part and how they work, and basic words of glasses.

Name of Each Part

Name of Each Part
Frame front The whole front part of a frame.
Temples Thin and long parts that bridge end-pieces and ears.
Rim The outer edge of frame front the holds lenses. There are some different designs of rim; the one that has only top or bottom half of the rim or rimless ones.
Hinges A part that connects frame front and temples and it opens and closes temples.
Bridge A part that is placed at the center of frame front and it connects both lenses. We call single bridge and double bridge based on the design.
Nose pads A part that holds a frame and where contacts with nose.
Nose pad arms Metal arms that connect rim and nose pads. The height and angles of nose pads can be fully adjusted with these two arms.
End-pieces A side part that connects hinges and frame front.

About Shape of a Frame

Full-rim A design that rim entirely holds lenses.
Half-rim A design that rim holds only top/bottom half and a lens is fixed in right place with a nylon string. We call the one “half under rim” which has only bottom half rim.
Rimless Bridge and end-pieces hold both lenses and it doesn’t have rim. It looks natural on face as it has no rim but needs careful handling attitude as nothing covers lenses.

About Materials

Plastic Frame A frame that the most of a frame front is made of plastic. Acetate is widely used recently as it has wide range of color choices. We also call “celluloid made frame” as a plastic frame. Celluloid has unique color and texture.
Metal Frame A frame that the most of a frame front is made of metal. Strong and light titanium and flexible β titanium are widely used recently.
Combination Frame A frame that frame front is made of plastic and metal.
Bamboo Frame A frame that the whole or a part of the frame is made of bamboo. It is light and has smooth texture but also needs extra care when handling.
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